The NFS series are exceptional quality speaker cables at affordable prices.  The NFS series is manufactured using Canare 4S11 professional cable and fitted with your choice of locking bananas or spade connectors.  These cables will ensure the absolute integrity of the musical signal from source to destination. The 4 x 14 AWG conductors in a star quad geometry reject noise and with low capacitance and inductance they ensure a transparent connection.

The high quality gold plated locking banana plugs provide a very low resistance connection that wont work loose or fall out

Canare 4S11

Superbly neutral sound

  • 4 x 14 AWG conductors

  • Star quad geometry minimises noise

  • Can be bi-wired

  • Low resistance, capacitance and inductance

  • Flexible and robust

Gold plated spade connectors are also available for those who prefer the large contact area

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