HPA1 is a high performance headphone amplifier designed and built in Australia using the finest components. With an elegant solid CNC milled aluminium anodized  enclosure you can be sure that the superb build quality will provide years  of reliable operation.


Exceptional levels of musical detail are reproduced by the HPA1 thanks to its incredible class leading technical performance.  Noise levels are inaudible even with the most sensitive of IEMs and yet it can drive demanding headphones to very high volumes without strain.

Balanced inputs maximise noise rejection and eliminate the noise causing ground loops common with single ended RCA connections.  However note the HPA1 is fully compatible with RCA output DACS or pre-amps with use of an adaptor cable.

The HPA1 is unique in that it does not feature an analogue volume control.  Analogue volume controls always suffer from significant channel balance problems, and as they age become noisy.  We see this as a major drawback and the HPA1 is intended for use  directly with DACs that feature digital volume controls, or with the volume controls built into media player software such as Roon or J River.  Contrary to some audiophile beliefs these do not audibly compromise signal quality or noise levels, and have the advantage of perfect balance and remote control via your favourite app.  A 0dB / +6dB gain switch allows selection of appropriate output voltage for headphones of high and low sensitivity.

  • TI OPA1622 amplifier

  • LT3045/94 ultra low noise voltage regulators

  • 200mW output

  • 5v max output voltage

  • 8 to 600 ohm Headphone compatibility

  • 10 to 60kHz frequency response +- 3dB

  • 10k ohm input impedance

  • 119dB THD + N (SINAD)

  • 123dB SNR

  • Selectable 0dB / +6dB gain

  • Touch switch power control

  • Supplied With:

    • Universal external power supply

    • 2Gb Metal Cased USB Thumb Drive Containing Drivers

  • 3 Year Warranty