At March Audio we are passionate about customer satisfaction.  We are always happy to talk with customers regarding their requirements prior to purchase and advise on the most appropriate solutions. If you find the product is not right for you we offer a 2 week period where you can return it for a refund.

We also love to receive feedback from our customers about their experience and opinions about our products.

Below is a selection of feedback we've received.

  • Hi Alan,


    The 452 arrived thanks heaps.


    I had several guys from Qld Audio club come listen.   First impressions.... is very clear, generally articulates beyond anything else I’ve heard.   Drives the Dynaudio’s extremely well.    Cant wait to chill and enjoy a heap more music through the system over the weekend.

    Thanks again,


    P452 power Amplifier

  • I found the P122 Amp enclosure very well made and in a very portable form factor that makes taking it for demos rather convenient to its small size and light weight. Though don't let that its small stature fool you, it makes quite a big sound for something of its  size! I've personally had amps worth up to the $3000-3500 dollar mark and this March P122 exceeds expectation and its modest price point!



    P122 Stereo Amplifier

  • Hi March Audio,


    I finally assembled my system and the only thing that i could say about your amp sound is "WOW"

    Really great sounding amp and very powerful.

    Thank you



    P252 Stereo Amplifier  & NF Interconnects

  • Thank you!


    Got the 451’s this past Monday afternoon, and I’m one VERY Happy Chappy!


    I popped them into my higher than average sensitivity set-up and they just sing perfectly. And are super quiet when not fed anything. 


    Wonderful, that no-noise floor to hear into ALL the magic of new & old jazz & classics.

    Proper tight, clean, natural bass, & lovely mids to match. Playing with cables for the highs-though your Mogamis seem as good as anything without fiddling.


    Really can’t thank you enough, for such a superb performing (& tidy looking) bit of kit.


    Thanks HUGE Again,


    P451 Power Amplifiers & March Audio Interconnects

  • Hi Alan

    I’m much enjoying the clean powerful sounds from the P-452. I’m hearing things on 30-40 year old recordings that I’ve not heard/noticed before, especially on re-mastered FLAC digital sources. More power to your elbow, sir!


    All the best


    P452 Power Amplifier

  • Hi Alan,


    This is some feedback on my purchase of the P452.


    P452 amplifier replaced my Class A/B monoblocks of 240W into 8ohms. The result is stunning. Clarity, space and musicality have all improved drastically. I have heard monoblocks that are several times the price and yet not as good. Thank you for building such a wonderful amplifier.


    Kind regards,


    P452 Power Amplifier

  • Hi,


    The realism that increased just by upgrading to P452 was impressive:

    I can't tell definitely if there is a soundstage width/depth expansion, but it feels more spacious. It seems to be due to improved instrument separation and positioning.

    I noticed key clicking from musicians' instruments on recordings I am very familiar with. They were probably there, but not as pronounced.

    There is a balance to the sound, seems mainly due to improvements in bass response. For example, it is easier to distinguish each note of the double bass; timpani impact and reverberation. I suspect that it can be even

    better on crowded passages in orchestral pieces, but the limitations are probably my speakers.

    It is more enjoyable at a lower volume, which is a somewhat mysterious phenomenon.

    There is an airiness, maybe some people will call that transparency



    P452 Stereo Amplifier

  • Hi Alan,


    I would like to tell you again my experiences and I would love to hear your explanations if you don’t mind.


    I am totally blown away by your amp.

    I hear more details. The voices and the upper frequencies are more detailed.

    There is a more 3D sound stage.

    Why can Only a power amp delivery such differences?

    There are so much more details and as I said before 3D sound stage.

    Is don’t think that it is only related to the power, maybe more to the amp design?





    P252 Stereo Power Amplifier

  • Hi guys,


    Since I received all my devices by Thursday, I took the opportunity of a rainy afternoon to quickly set-up my HC / Hifi system to check that everything was fine.
    And it was much more than fine! The set-up went smoothly, everything worked as expected. Triggers allowed a perfect power on/off of the power amps simultaneously with the Denon AVR. I tried the REL high level connection with the P452 as you suggested as well as the RCA to XLR connection you provided: no hum, no click, no noise just an excellent sound from the loudspeakers and the sub! I spent at least 2 hours to enjoy my favorite songs! There is still a lot to do to fine tune the 5.1 sound but I can already tell you that you have already gain another happy customer!

    Thanks again for your support and for the amazing quality of your products.  The customer service was awesome. The design and the product’s finish are top notch.

    A last compliment: my wife, who is completely insensitive to hifi devices, told me that my new « toys » (= your amps) look really nice!


    P122, P252, P452, P451 Power Amplifiers

  • Dear Alan,

    I tried yours P252 and DAC1 alongside the 3D Labs network transport Nano Sonata V4 streamer for the first time and the result was superb!
    I have never before heard such a musically from my old Rega Jura floorstanding loudspeakers and I thank you for such excellent products.

    Best regards


    P252 Stereo Amplifier and DAC1

  • Hi Alan

    Just wanted to let you know that I received my P122 today. Enjoying the sound I'm getting out of it, although I'm using it to drive some 4" Klipsch Reference as computer speakers.

    I also made the mistake of hooking my DAC and this thing up to my streamer and LSiM 705s in my Hi-Fi. I expected it to beat my Marantz integrated amp, but I wasn’t expecting it to be such an obvious improvement. I think I’m going to have to figure out how to fit one of these (or the 250W version) into my Hi-Fi soon.



    P122 Stereo Power Amplifiers

  • Hi Alan

    The amplifiers – well! I’m an absolute class D zealot thanks to your P701’s! I moved my Accuphase A70 Class A stereo amplifier and lost nothing, and gained a lot! The reduction in overall noise has been audible and jaw dropping. This has resulted in a noticeable lift in resolution. High frequency extension, midrange palpability and bass slam and texture have all improved. Bass grip is unbelievable. Since I sourced the P701’s I’ve sold my subwoofers! I’m a huge fan.



    P701 MonoBlock Amplifiers

  • G'day,


    I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the P701’s arrived perfectly! They are so nice, I hear more bass response from my Magnepan 3.7 than I have with all of the other amps I have tried! Having the extra headroom has definitely made a difference!



    2x P701  Monoblock Power Amplifiers

  • Hi Alan


    Everything was set up and running last evening, and first impressions are … amazing!


    I knew my speakers needed lots of power as they’re not very efficient and these amps certainly deliver.


    I’m not into flowery descriptions, all I can say is that they are very revealing, detailed and clean sounding -  I guess this is a result of their incredibly low distortion and noise figures.  I’ve been listening to many of my ’test tracks’ this morning and am thoroughly enjoying what I’m hearing.


    I’m definitely very happy with the amplifiers :)


    Thank you and best regards



  • Hello Alan,

     I have finally completed the buildout of Siegfried Linkwitz’s LX 521.4 speakers ( a kit from Magic LX521) and connected your amplifiers to its analog signal processor and Benchmark DAC2/HGC. 


    Without any sound input the amplifiers are dead quiet; with music, the combination of your amps with the above produces a pristine sound stage as real as I have ever encountered (I have attended many concerts without amplification).

     All four amplifiers remain relatively cool during extended playing time (the P502 slightly warmer than the others) and I appreciate their small form factor, the quality of the their casings, and the high quality speaker terminals.


    Thank you so much for your guidance, for the updates and manner of delivery, and for the high standards you set in the construction of these wonderful, compact amplifiers.


    Units purchased: one P502, two P252’s, one P122 power amplifiers

  • Alan

    I will say your HPA-1 is among the best head amps I have tried so far, as far as solid state head amps go.

    By this point, I have heard quite a lot of head amps, especially quite a few pricey to expensive head amps, the HPA-1 can certainly hold its own quite well and in some cases certainly better as far as staging, clarity and spatial width goes. This is most obvious with different head gear I used the HPA-1 with.

    • Exceptional staging, clarity and detail.

    • Very Low Noise Floor overall.

    • Sound width is dependant on head gear though this is already wider than most higher priced head amps I have heard so far.

    • Exposes how good source quality is.

    • Exposes how good source recording is.

    • Exposes how good head gear is.

    • Definitely defies the power rating. 

    • No feedback when plugging & unplugging in headphones & IEMs.


    Head gear I have used so far which have the best synergy with the HPA-1 are as follows :


    Headphones :

    iBasso SR1

    Sony MDR 1AM2

    Neuman NDH 20 (No Emphasis Frequency Response which I use as base line)


    IEMs :

    Cowon Plenue X30

    iBasso IT 04


    HPA1 Headphone Amp

  • Tod here from Brisbane.


    I just wanted to write to you to say that I am BLOWN AWAY by your P502 amplifier.


    I hooked it up to my old Tannoy speakers from the 1990s and they sound like they never have (ever).


    I really don't like to use the subjective adjectives common in audiophile journalism, but I'm going to anyway...


    Somehow I feel like the audio is now "in the room" and not "coming out of the speakers" (if that makes any sense?) and there is no longer ANY "hiss" under the music (it's just music now).


    P502 stereo Power Amplifier

  • Hi Alan,

    My friend, you should be commended on your dedication to detail and genius in design.
    Those two monoblocks are beautiful and are as transparent as I think it's possible to be.

    The power and, more importantly, control these P451's wield is nothing short of amazing!
    Me and my audio buddy had a very interesting time swapping out different preamplifiers from tube to solid state earlier today and it was just a fantastic experience hearing the difference.
    I than ran the P451's through my RME ADI2 fs DAC and the detail retrieved and sheer control was unlike anything I have heard before.

    I have now sold my old Cyrus 200...... 

    Anyway, enough of my have developed a genuinely fantastic product and you should be proud.

    All the very best to you in your future endeavours....


    P451 MonoBlock Amplifiers

  • Hi Alan

    LOVE THE AMP. Perfect match for the Revel M126Be!





    P502 Stereo Power Amp

  • Hi Alan,


    Amps are hooked up. Put simply, these babies are awesome!!


    I don’t think I’m great at differentiating or describing sound differences, but this is what I notice:

    • At 100% with empty signal, there’s no hiss I can notice, with my ear to the tweeter!

    • Playing loud, it sounds super clean with complete control of the speaker – and so rhythmic. My old one must have been distorting like crazy as I pushed it. I never went that loud because that made it not pleasurable to listen to.

    • This actually makes me want to keep pushing it even louder! But my ears give up before the amp does and I have to back off the volume.

    • It’s also way better at handling huge dynamic shifts in a vocal track. It’s sometimes scary when it ramps from a quiet first word to the singer belting out the next word. Haha.

    • Micro details in the music jump out at me – like a singers low level humming alongside louder instruments. Wonder if this is due to the snr?

    • Build quality is superb

    • I am driving ATC SCM19s. 


    Thanks again Alan 😊



    P451 Monoblocks

  • Hi Alan


    I have tried the DAC1 for some time now and must say I am impressed.

    For the price it is the best I have tried so far.



  • Hi Alan


    Here’s a quick update.  I love this little amplifier - it has become my default amplifier, and, to be honest, I could easily sell my others (Manley Snapper monoblocks and Parasound A23).  Music has tremendous depth, and the amplifier has the speakers (HarbethSHL5+) totally under control with astonishingly deep bass  I’m impressed that there isn’t the dryness of tone that you sometimes get with solid-state amplifiers (I have also previously owned Plinius SA 102 and SA 250, as well as Exposure amplifiers), which is what always made me return to valve amplification.  I am running my digital sources (CD player and streamer) via a Music First TVC passive attenuator and the system is so quiet without music playing that you cannot believe that anything is on.  


    Many thanks, and keep doing what you’re doing!!





    P122 Stereo Amplifier

  • The weekend provided the first opportunity to relax and properly acquaint myself with your new amp(s).  I’ll cut to the chase … they are epic:) My NC400 amps are already very good and set the bar high but your P701’s are better across the board.  With their additional output current feeding my Baltics, they certainly sound more dynamic.


    My amps sounded thin at times which I assumed was a Hypex/Class D trait.  But this is not the case with your P701’s which convey music with tremendous weight and authority.  What I didn’t expect was that they would sound so much more refined than my old amps. On paper, Hypex’s distortion measurements favour the NC400’s. However, in my system, your amps sound smoother with more finesse, particularly highs.


    I don’t want to let go off these amps. They are the best I have heard with my speakers. And I have owned/tried enough amps to know that they are quite special.  I also suspect that, as with my NC400 amps, the distortion of my speakers is an order of magnitude higher than any of these amps and the higher output current of your NC1200 based amps is more important, in my system, than lower amplifier distortion.

    Well done.  And thank you!


    P701 Monoblock Ampliifiers

  • The P252 provides excellent "grip and drive" at low frequencies with a transparent sound.

    The aesthetics of the  P252 enclosure is unassuming and straightforward and includes a piezo touch switch to enable a standby mode. The Hypex module within P252 enables incredible and sustained drive for my speakers while operating at a cool temperature. The finish of the March Audio P252 enclosure is flawless.

    The shipment of March Audio P252 was fast and efficient with email and SMS tracking notifications both. The pre-purchase and aftercare service from March Audio has been impeccable. March Audio has my unqualified recommendation.


    Leo, Sydney, Australia

    P252 stereo amplifier with Harbeth P3ESR Speakers.

  • So first the thing is that I would buy the amp again because it does exactly what I wanted, which was to drive my Salk Sound bookshelf speakers (sensitivity of 84db the WOW1 model).  Second the minimalist design of the amp really has a nice appeal to it.  And importantly, the amp plays a key role in producing very listenable and pleasurable music.  What more could one ask for from an amp?


    So many thanks for making the excellent value all in all.




    P502 Stereo Amplifier and DAC1

  • I'm loving my Amp. Just like with the first impressions of it, I still cannot believe how small and compact this thing is. I've seen the Hypex Ncore modules online in various other fully completed products but did not realise it's really this small. Build quality is excellent, and this is from me moving the amp around between storage and my desktop set up. Power on/off button is well designed!


    Really, can't think of anything to fault it


    P502 Stereo Amplifier

  • So first the thing is that I would buy the amp again because it does exactly what I wanted, which was to drive my Salk Sound bookshelf speakers (sensitivity of 84db the WOW1 model).  Second the minimalist design of the amp really has a nice appeal to it.  And importantly, the amp plays a key role in producing very listenable and pleasurable music.  What more could one ask for from an amp?


    So many thanks for making the excellent value all in all.




    P502 Stereo Amplifier and DAC1

  • The amp's build quality is really solid, both in terms of feel and construction as well as the components used (connectors etc). Sonically I have found the amp to be very transparent, yet provides an enormous amount of power that gives the low end an effortlessness that is a pleasure to listen to.

    Dealing with Alan of March Audio has been a pleasure, he has been extremely helpful and informative, supplying an abundance of useful information, and ultimately a great product.



    P502 Stereo Amplifier

  • Have been enjoying the P701 monoblocks amplifiers. They are neutral, even tempered, and effortlessly powerful, displaying even control across the frequency spectrum. 


    I can’t really fault them, and they are performing as expected

    Best wishes


    P701 Monoblock Amplifiers

  • Just plugged mine in, look lovely, light and easy to manage and install , sound totally neutral to my ears and quiet so no buzz or weird hum anywhere. 

    Id note stereo image is fixed and locked down well if that means anything to anyone. 

    They drive my vivid G3's with ease. Can't see why you'd bother buying anything else , if your in the market for amps these will do you imo. 


    They look and feel great too. 

    Thanks to March Audio who's communication and helpfulness was beyond reproach thought-out the purchasing process.

    Replaced Belles MB200's with special internal wiring, upgrades, special hand crafted interconnects and audiophile quantum stickers .

    It's playing now ' Christian McBride live at the vanguard' in combination with the Anthem STR pre and genesis room correction it's the most rewarding sound iv had at home.


    P701 Monoblock Amplifiers

  • Hi Alan,


    I finally assembled my system and the only thing that i could say about your amp sound is "WOW"

    Really great sounding amp and very powerful.

    Thank you



    P252 Stereo Amplifier  & NF Interconnects

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